We book custom cakes 2-3 weeks in advance, and can only take a certain amount of cakes per week, so we recommend ordering your cake as soon as you know the details! Once a weekend is fully booked we are not able to take any more cakes. Large orders should be booked at least 1-2 months in advance. Last minute orders may be available if the day has not been fully booked. Contact us to ask about our availability.


        Thank you!           

Our cakes consist of 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling! For custom made designs, cakes will be coated with vanilla buttercream. Regular cakes would be coated with flavored buttercream according to the cake flavor. 


Vanilla Revenge:

vanilla cake + cream cheese filling + vanilla buttercream


Chocolate Revenge:

chocolate cake + cream cheese filling + vanilla with buttercream


Strawberry Revenge:

strawberry cake + cream cheese filling + vanilla buttercream


Neapolitan Revenge:

vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cake + cream cheese filling + vanilla buttercream



lemon cake + cream cheese filling + vanilla buttercream

(unavailable this season)


Birthday Cake:

vanilla or chocolate cake + buttercream 


Salted Caramel:

vanilla or chocolate cake + cream cheese frosting and salted caramel filling + vanilla buttercream


Brownie Cheesecake:

vanilla or chocolate cake + cream cheese filling and brownie bites+ vanilla buttercream 


Dulce de Leche:

vanilla cake layers + dulce de leche cream filling + vanilla buttercream


Nutella Brownie:

chocolate cake layers + nutella cream cheese frosting and brownie bites filling + vanilla buttercream



Chocolate or vanilla cake layers + Oreo cream cheese filling + vanilla buttercream.



vanilla or chocolate cake + peanut butter cream cheese and reeses peanut butter cups filling + vanilla buttercream



vanilla or chocolate cake + cream cheese, peanut butter cream cheese, and mini snickers filling + vanilla buttercream



vanilla or chocolate cake + caramel cream cheese filling, chocolate chips, toasted pecans, and caramel drizzle + 

vanilla buttercream


Funfetti cake + cream cheese filling + vanilla buttercream.